Cancer Intelligence - eCancertv

The main e-cancer website has provided a vital service for oncological experts for many years. The site was founded as a way for various medical professionals to share papers, presentations and research surrounding cancer and various treatments.

To compliment these materials, over 4,000 videos are hosted within the site’s e-cancertv, covering a wide range of topics from conference recordings to news updates within the field. StreamAMG provides the back end StreamMP so that the videos can match the rigorous professional standards of Cancer Intelligence. This is achieved by having the video players blend seamlessly within the website through the use of custom players.

Of particular importance to Cancer Intelligence is the need for the videos to support the international outlook of the organisation. Frequently these videos are viewed from a variety of different locations around the world, from the United Kingdom to Nepal and Latin America, the analytics of their video content paint a picture of the global effort to help those afflicted by cancer.

StreamAMG supports this through the use of the Amazon Cloudfront for any on-demand content, this enables extremely quick communication times between the S3 storage and front end delivery. All of this means that video content is delivered at extremely fast speed, regardless of where you are in the world.

Another feature which helps researchers in finding the right materials for their work is the ability to shortlist content that is relevant. This tags the video and adds it to a list of materials that can be returned to by registered users within their ecancer portfolio.

The portfolio keeps track of which videos and modules have been completed, allowing for users to easily navigate the huge wealth of content on the site. Content can also be easily shared and distributed between users so that researchers can aid each other in finding relevant sources.

If you would like to hear more about how StreamAMG has been working to aid organisations reach global audiences, why not read our tech release on how we stream your content to China? Or better yet, why not get in touch by emailing or call us at 0800 061 2361.

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