The BBC and The Local News Partnership

Award winning online video specialist StreamAMG (Advanced Media Group) has been chosen by the BBC to power the content hub of the newly formed Local News Partnership. Using its keystone product Media Platform, local journalists have access to the BBC regional news video and radio clips to use in their stories. Approved journalists can also upload their own content onto the solution as well.

This project began as a way to combat the “democratic deficit”, with the BBC in partnership with the News Media Association. James Harding, Director, BBC News and Current Affairs says: “As more power is devolved across the UK, it’s more important than ever that we cover, understand and hold to account local politicians and public services. The BBC has worked hard with local news organisations to develop a scheme that gives an opportunity to a new generation of reporters and strengthens the local news coverage for all our audiences.”

Recognising this issue, the News Media Association (NMA) and the BBC have teamed up to help reduce the “deficit” by offering a solution that seeks to remedy these problems: The Local News Partnership agreement. A cooperative effort which will create 150 local democracy reporting journalism jobs, establish a shared data journalism unit and offer the regional media access to BBC news video and audio material.

To achieve this, a tender was issued with many companies bidding to compete. In the end StreamAMG was announced as the supplier. Our solution was designed with absolute accessibility in mind, in recognition of the goals of the BBC and NMA. At its heart the solution allows for journalists to upload their research and articles while also gaining access to the BBC news video and audio clips.

Our solution was built on award winning Media Platform, this was chosen due to its ease of use and simple user interface, ensuring that the solution would be accessible to as many journalists as possible. Media Platform allows video and audio content to be embedded into articles in a seamless manner. Our previous work with the BBC in providing upload forms for user generated content was expanded upon to deal with the vast amounts of material that is uploaded to the system.

StreamAMG’s work with the BBC has often been in aid of helping to spread news stories and different perspectives such as our work with BBC Global News Services in allowing the public to upload video content surrounding major news events such as the Diamond Jubilee and the 2011 London riots.

“The Local News Partnership project is strategically perfect for us coming as it does after our acquisition by the PA Group. It puts us right at the heart of news gathering and distribution technologies.”

Duncan Burbidge
CEO, StreamAMG

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