Kings Place – Top Tier Streaming for Top Tier Venue

Award-winning venue Kings Place has partnered with StreamAMG to provide live streams for its events, ranging from corporate webcasts to exposition talks in the latest technology developments. Kings Place is one of the London’s top venues located in the beating heart of Kings Cross. It offers a whole suite of world-class facilities, from the spectacular oak veneer in its concert halls to the delicious catering in Rotunda restaurant.

StreamAMG was chosen as a supplier to Kings Place because of its own award-winning solution, Media Platform. StreamAMG provides an excellent product for Kings Place Events which increases the impact and longevity of its conferences. The live stream player is embedded within a custom microsite, which can be tailored to exactly match the brand guidelines of the end client. Viewers and delegates can also interact with the site via an app available for both iOS and Android.

The live streams, depending on the needs of the end client, can be watched from anywhere in the world as long as there’s internet! Subtitles and multi-lingual options are supported so that nobody is left out. However, advanced geo-blocking and subscription tools are also included, meaning that access to the stream can be determined by the end client.

Viewers of the live stream can also become a source of revenue through our monetisation tools. Whether you’re a charity that is fundraising throughout the course of the event, or an online training session which wishes to charge for viewing, all of these options are available with StreamAMG.

Just because somebody is viewing the event from home, it does not mean that they are left out. Live streams can have a live Q&A embedded within the microsite, meanwhile user polls can be added alongside Twitter integration.

Our analytics suite provides the client with an advanced breakdown of their audience so they know exactly who, where, when, and for how long each viewer viewed the stream. This allows full understanding of what worked best during the event. Furthermore, it’s possible to capture the data of an audience, for later follow-up campaigns or to push relevant content. Kings Place also offers the option for the site to go live up to one month prior to the event, allowing early registration and engagement. The streamed content on the microsite can also stay up for up to one month after the event, allowing additional registrations, views, engagement, and return on investment.

StreamAMG successfully delivers almost 5,000 hours’ worth of live content every year and the number is ever-increasing! If you would like to hear more about our work then why not get in touch at or better yet call us at +44 (0)207 419 2035.

"Every event with StreamAMG is delivered to an impeccable standard. Their support and responsiveness in the lead-up to events is second to none, and the quality of the bespoke microsites for our clients is excellent."

Tom Jeyes
Head of Production - Kings Place

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