BIMM - Connecting Students with the British and Irish Modern Music Institute

Since our founding in 2001, StreamAMG has aided the growth and development of online video content within the education sector. Whether that is lecture capture, live streaming graduations or, as with our newest efforts the production of three seminars for the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), we have supported our clients with their online video needs.

After reaching out to us and explaining their requirements to prepare new students for their first term in October, StreamAMG created a dedicated microsite which allowed the invited students to register and watch the three live seminars. In addition, understanding that not everyone could make the specific times, StreamAMG also hosted the seminars for a month as video on demand content. The seminars were then filmed by our production team in the studios using two cameras, which were then vision mixed and encoded onto the site. We provided the end to end solution all the way from equipment and set up to monitoring the streams, allowing BIMM staff to focus on the topics at hand.

The seminars themselves covered a wide variety of subjects, ranging from concert promotion to DIY song writing and pre/post production skills. This allows new students to get a taste of what is to come when they start their studies in October, with each seminar being hosted by industry leading experts and professors.

Our Production team filmed the seminars and pushed the live footage to the customised microsite built by StreamAMG. From there, registered students had full access to all the materials as well as a Q & A session, so that they were fully prepared for their first term. The reception was phenomenal, with audiences from the United States to Lithuania joining the talks and being better prepared for the start of their studies.

“We worked with StreamAMG on a series of BIMMinars targeted to students both in the UK and overseas. The StreamAMG team expertly guided us through both the creative and technical aspects of our very successful event. Importantly, they worked with us to deliver a professional and informative experience for our students”

David O'Connor
Group Marketing Director, BIMM Institute

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