2017 - A StreamAMG Retrospective

2017 has been a huge year for StreamAMG with our March acquisition by the Press Association Group, seeing us become part of a 150 year old institution. Contractually the move away from the centralised English Football League streaming agreement has proven very successful as we work and develop the online propositions for most of the larger Championship clubs.

Since our founding in 2001 we have grown every year: the amount of data that StreamAMG delivers for our clients is a million times larger today than when we started. In total, if you watched all the content that has been delivered in the past year, it would take you three millennia! That’s longer than the Parthenon has been on Earth (447 B.C. if you are curious)!

2017 started with the Article 50 debates surrounding Brexit from the Supreme Court. We saw 257,000 plays on the Supreme Court website alone, including 1,503 who joined from Malaysia. Enabling participation over the internet is a huge driver for institutions involved in the democratic process.

In March StreamAMG was acquired by the Press Association (PA) to complement its growing portfolio of specialist media businesses. Over this year, we’ve seen the advantages StreamAMG’s award winning technology has brought to the ingest, curation and distribution needs of the PA.

Sport has continued to grow, with 80% of the English Premier League are using our solution and most of the larger Championship clubs taking advantage of international live rights to generate millions from live international streaming.

2018 will see this growth continue, as Matt McKiernan (MD of our Manchester office) comments:

“Our work with the larger Championship clubs has delivered huge growth in viewing figures, revenue generation and overall fan satisfaction across all digital platforms. We expect more clubs in 2018 as it becomes obvious that taking control of digital platforms generates cash.”

Across Europe a wide variety of sports organisations have also begun using StreamAMG’s solutions to connect with fans. These include Shakhtar Donetsk, AC Sparta Prague, Toronto Wolfpack, The Italian Gymnastic Federation, Real Sociedad de Fútbol and many more. With sports organisations having an ever greater global reach it becomes more and more important for them to be able to satisfy the demand of fans across the world for content. For instance our work with the Professional Darts Corporation in providing live streams was viewed across 163 countries with 121,817 hours’ worth of action being watched.

Within the industry this year, StreamAMG has won a number of awards from Best Online Video Platform from Streaming Media Magazine, recognition as one of the Top 101 Companies in Streaming, to Best Business and Professional Services to Football in the Northwest Football Awards.

We at StreamAMG look forwards to what 2018 has to offer for us. The value of online content now matches that of broadcast, making quality and reliability more important than ever.

“We have worked in close coordination with StreamAMG for over two years. After establishing a successful relationship in that time, through EFL Digital, we decided to work with them direct on our new digital platforms.

We have found StreamAMG to be very accommodating to any request made and their staff have always been prepared to go the extra mile to assist and deliver what we require at the highest quality. As a result, we would highly recommend StreamAMG to any club looking to improve their digital output.”

Sam Chambers
Multimedia Manager at Leicester City FC

“We are delighted to partner with StreamAMG who are helping us to deliver RamsTV via our new digital platform. Through the combination of our new digital platform and using the portfolio of services offered by StreamAMG, we can now engage with our supporters and sponsors and on a level never before attainable.

Not only will RamsTV be giving supporters viewing access to a far greater depth within the Club, but from the start of the 2017/18 season we will now stream our matches live overseas.

Having control over our content and the ability to better monetise it, plus the ability to showcase our products and services is critical to our development.”

Brandon Furse
Director of Stadium Operations at Derby County FC

“We are committed to delivering the very best in functionality and quality to our fans. StreamAMG shares these aims and has the know-how to realise them.”

Michael Crowder
Systems and Development Manager at Liverpool FC

“Our continuing relationship with StreamAMG allows us the flexibility and outreach to communicate with an increasingly global audience.

The reliability of the live streams and on-demand content has proved invaluable in our remit to deliver content to users both in the United Kingdom and internationally.

The process, from defining our requirement to final delivery, was handled quickly and professionally, and the quality of the final product has received a good deal of positive feedback, both in the legal profession and from the general public.”

Andy Watson
Broadcast Manager for the Supreme Court of the UK

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