Ten Pieces with the BBC

We at StreamAMG have been working with the BBC for a number of years now, and we get quite excited when a new project lands at our feet.

The BBC wanted a way for educators and their students to be able to share and upload their renditions of Classical Music; from the likes of Handel, Beethoven and Wagner, all building up to the crescendo of BBC Music Day (15th June 2017). We knew that this project would be fascinating, especially after the response we got from our work last year together, where our services supported the BBC in simplifying their user generated content.

Our first goal was to ensure the solution fitted seamlessly with the BBC team’s outline of the project branding. Thus StreamAMG created a fully customised upload form which sits seamlessly within their website.

The solution had to be able to compile uploads from a variety of different sources, whether that is images, audio and/or video. Our service had to be as flexible as possible, with submissions coming in last year varying from those shot on camera phones to full production scales. We all know creativity comes in many formats!

We highly recommend you check it out, especially if you are an educator looking to introduce your charges to some of the most defining music in human history. Or, why not get in touch with us to see how we can help you to achieve your goals? Email or call us at 0800 061 2361.

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