British hypnotist uses Stream UK for hypnosis webcast

Our first webcast for 2010 on January 4th was so popular it received international media attention. Stream UK hosted a live audio webcast for British hypnotist Chris Hughes who was planning to put a world record number of people under hypnosis using the internet.

Hughes initially anticipated that only 1000 people would participate however the level of interest in ‘Socialtrance’ exceeded everyone’s expectations. By midday on the 4th more than 6,000 people had registered, with hits to the website surging in the last few hours before the webcast. Unfortunately due to legal reasons Chris was unable to perform the hypnosis live. This then required Stream UK to step in at the last minute and help Chris and his team by providing a download link that could cope with large numbers of concurrent users as well as the live player.

Nick Carpenter, a member of Chris Hughes team released a statement on Tuesday stating ‘In the end, over 16,000 people listened to the live webcast (many thanks to StreamUK for providing such a robust service to cope with this)’.