The Benefits of the Media Platform Related Videos Feature

The related videos feature in Media Platform allows you to display related videos at the end of your content, to attract your viewers to keep watching and stay engaged, therefore spending more time on your site. Unlike on YouTube and other free to use video hosting tools, with Media Platform you also have total control of the videos that appear in the related video screen. Not having control of a feature like this could lead to your expensively crafted content actually driving traffic towards your competitors and having the reverse desired impact.

The related video feature can be added to any of your players from within the Studio section in Media Platform in just a few simple steps.

Simple Setup

In Media Platform, click on the ‘Studio’ tab.

  1. Select the player, you want to add the related video screen
  2. Within the player settings, click on the ‘Look and Feel’
  3. Scroll down to the ‘Related’ option and simply tick the option, to activate the feature

Your viewers will then be able to access the related video screen at any time, by clicking on the Related icon on the player. Media Platform’s flexibility allows the functionally to place the related icon either on the top bar as shown below or on the control bar. Users will also see the related screen automatically at the end of each video by default.



Once you have enabled the ‘Related’ option, you can further customise exactly how the related screen behaves and which videos from your account appear in the related screen.

There are multiple options for selecting the videos that appear on the related video screen, including the ability to:

  • Create your own playlists containing multiple videos that you want to appear in the related screen (fixed or dynamic based playlists)
  • Use our automatic playlists, to display either the most popular, most recent or highest rated videos within your account automatically (updates in real-time)
  • Manual fixed lists of single or more videos (fixed list of individual videos)

You can customise the behaviour of the related videos screen including:

  • Choosing to automatically play the next video in the list or allow user to select a video manually
  • Setting the wait time, until the next video will play automatically
  • Limit the number of videos that appear on the related videos screen


The Related video feature is a very useful feature, to encourage your viewer to watch more of your content. As you decide what videos are shown, you can also control the journey they are taking through your website. Try out this feature and see how it increases viewer engagement with your content.


Choosing an Online Video Platform for your content

Media Platform (MP) is our flagship online video solution. Giving you total control over your online video, it’s scalable and has the flexibility that you need. Utilise the numerous tools for your team to make the most out of your video with SEO optimisation via tagging and metadata, alongside fully customisable players to suit your branding needs and thorough intelligent statistics and analytics. Monetization features to help you raise revenue from your content and our HTML5 first, responsive players improve the performance for your audience.

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