BANZAI MEDIA expands on StreamMP

The Italian publishing giant Banzai Media has become Stream Italy’s biggest online video content owner as it increases it’s use of StreamMP.

The online publisher is currently visited by over 14 million users each month, covering it’s woman focussed website Pianeta Donna, it’s online cooking channel Giallo Zafferano and it’s news channel Giornalettismo.

Giallo Zafferano, which has seen a 48% increase since using the StreamMP platform, now boasts 38 million page views as well as 3.5 million unique visitors every month, accessing over 1,000 online recipes through online video and text pages. Giallo Zafferano also claims to being the first Italian dedication online cookery channel. The channel’s App has also totalled 1.4 million downloads to date.

Giornalettismo, Banzai Media’s flagship news channel was voted one of Italy’s best social journalism sites, receiving an average of 1.2 million unique visitors per month.

StreamIT Account Manager, Francesco Coppola said: “It has been a thoroughly rewarding experience working with Italy’s 3rd largest online publisher – as not only have we seen rapid online growth, but we have also seen the great ways in which online video can enhance the online experience and increase online figures for our client’s content”.