5 online video optimisation tips for SEO (Infographic)

Before we share with you our online video optimisation tips we are going to tell you why you should use video in your content marketing to begin with.

Are you using online video to engage your customers?

Using online video in your content marketing is, nowadays, essential as it’s proven that people spend more time on a page with video in it.

If you provide great content, you have a higher chance of keeping your viewers interested and to have your videos shared on social media, which for you will mean more visibility and can result in more leads.

Once you have created your online video you must learn how to properly optimise it for SEO which will give you a greater chance of it being viewed and will position it in higher search results on Google. A great video won’t bring you subscribers or new customers unless it is given the right visibility on the web. The following infographic is a great starting point for you to start learning the basis of video SEO. We believe our video optimisation tips will help your video to get the right visibility.

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