3 takeaways for online video from SportsPro’s TBC conference

We’ve spent the past couple of days at SportsPro’s The Brand Conference. This year, the conference explored the idea of sports as a platform for brand association. There were three takeaways for the future of online video in sports:


1. Sports brands should create their own platforms

It was agreed that you should have control over your platform. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are powerful for your reach, but sports organisations should create a central hub for their content. This gives them power over everything and enables them to develop better returns on their premium content.


2. How can sports brands make the most of data?

Sports brands are finding themselves buried under data. They’re recording giant numbers like millions of impressions and followers. But how do these metrics help a sports brand reach its goals? And who owns the data they’re generating through social media?

The consensus was that sports brands need to build their own platforms so they can own and take action on data. They can capture much better information about their fans and continually improve the digital experience.

Everton F.C. and our partner agency Rippleffect are an example of best practice here. They’ve buit a complete platform which brings together video, eCommerce and news to improve the fan experience.


3. Disruption is inevitable

Are sports moving into the OTT and online video space? The consensus of the panel was that it’s going to happen – sooner or later. (Just as Spotify and Netflix shook up the music and television industries.)

Customers will expect to watch matches on their own terms and open up access to exclusive video content and features. Now is the time to build the infrastructure and platform.