2013 StreamUK Managed Hangout views approach half a million

StreamUK’s work in providing high quality production for Google Hangouts has been in high-demand in 2013, as brands, sports clubs and organisations use the platform to interact with fans and followers.

Providing Hangout management and premium production services, StreamUK is able to produce Google Hangouts with high production value, standing out from crowd and offering a superior viewing experience.

Since working on the Rugby League World Cup conference, StreamUK managed the BBC Good Food cocktail making Hangouts, now generating over 28,000 views.

Before his highly anticipated show at the O2, Peter Andre used a StreamUK produced Google Hangout to interact with his fans and take questions about the tour. A single hangout which has generated over 150,00 views to date.

Also keeping in trend with StreamUK’s increasing digital solutions in the sports industry, one large football sponsor called on StreamUK to provide a one-off Hangout for one of the Premiership’s top sides, currently clocking over 100,000 YouTube views. Proving to not just be a popular LIVE event, but also a sustainable video asset that’s still capturing the attention of fans all over the globe.

As well as managing a series of other successful Google Hangouts, StreamUK managed projects are now approaching half a million views, showing the sheer popularity of online video interaction as well as crediting the production quality and management of the StreamUK production team.

Now that the StreamUK studio build is complete at the company’s London HQ, Production Manager Mike Grimley anticipates a rapid growth in Hangout enquiries as well as use of the new facility;

“We were often asked whether we had our own studio, so it was only a matter of time until we built our own in house. The great thing about having this facility is the freedom to create a bespoke environment that best suites our clients, as well as the ability to offer a complete end-to-end webcasting service from one location.”